Barrett Co can work with you to create your new home or alteration from idea stage through to full working plans and build. These plans can include bespoke interior detailing and customised fittings as well as landscaped outdoor living areas. We offer supply of specialized tropical palms to create functional natural living spaces that express a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas.


Herne Bay Auckland

The original brief provided by the California-based clients to Oli Booth architecture was to create a New York-style loft, utilise the existing steelwork and create a space great for entertaining. Featuring a concealed kitchen behind oak panelling creating a sense of lightness and openness and vertical steelwork to complete the industrial loft theme throughout.

“We don’t have a “Cult of Builder” in our society but if we did, I’d have Brent sign my home. Like an artist’s work, it would be worth more in the future. I know it’s worth more to me, now” – Ron Elliott

“It was a pleasure to work alongside Brent. His attention to detail and ability to realise design moments to the highest level, ensured a beautiful result. He can effortlessly foresee the intricate layers that are required to create enduring design. I look forward to collaborating together again in the future.” – Oli Booth

DESIGN Oli Booth
IMAGERY Simon Wilson